Network of European Universities „Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense“ (Nanterre network)

Lisbon, March 22th – 24th 2012

Dear Collegues,
We are pleased to announce you our next Annual Meeting. Please find attached the invitation of the Law School of the University of Lisbon. Great thanks to Prof. Vasco Pereira da Silva and Dr. Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins for the invitation !

-On Thursday 22th of March, we would (as always on the first day) discuss the mobility of students and teaching staff as well as the university reforms in the partner countries and our bi-national study programs ( country by country presentation)
-On Friday the 23th of March we would like to hold our “COLLOQUIUM” (subject to be determined by the Law School of Lisbon)
-Saturday 24 th of March could offer the time for bilateral discussions and a cultural program.

If you need more information about our network, please take a look at our website : www.droit-fr-all-paris-ouest.fr/

link to / « Réseau européen de coopération universitaire »
With 2 articles about the history of our network
(in French : “Réseau européen…”
and English : “Network of European universities”)

As usual, there are European funds available from the ERASMUS /SOKRATES Program to cover the costs of travel and stay (OM, TS).
As every year, each partner university can be represented by several participants and responsibles from the administration involved in the international relationships.

The annual meeting is –as always- an excellent opportunity to create and initiate new ERASMUS / SOKRATES partnerships (you can introduce new partners to our network and invite them to the Lisbon Meeting !) or to inform yourself about the conditions of inscription for your ERASMUS students at the partner universities. On this account we must unfortunately mention that sometimes foreign students come to Nanterre and are not suitably prepared for their time abroad, meaning for instance the insufficient knowledge of Nanterre Diplomas available (problem of “equivalences”).
Concerning the conference language we would like to remind you of our hitherto arrangement : We confirm that the presentations may be done in French, in German or in English. However, in case of a presentation in French or in German, we request you to provide us with a substantial summary of your presentation in English, in order to place it at the participants’ disposal.”
Yours sincerely
Pr Otmar Seul, Pr Joachim Gruber
Coordinators of the Academic Co-operation Network Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense
UFR Sciences juridiques, administratives et politiques
Bâtiment F – 305
200 Avenue de la République
F – 92 001 Nanterre

Invitation to the Nanterre Network Conference 2012

Dear friends, dear colleagues,
We are proud announce the Nanterre Network conference for 2012 at the Law School of the University of Lisbon.
The conference for the Nanterre Network delegates will take place from
Thursday,22th March to Saturday, 24thMarch 2012.

As usual, there will take place a conference for the Nanterre Network on Thursday, and on Friday afternoon we will have a special colloquium concerning a Portuguese law theme.
The accommodation in the Hotel and travel expenses have to be afforded by your University.
Delegates who like to join the frame programme are recommended to stay until Saturday morning, 24thMarch, 2012.

Members of the Nanterre Network should arrive until Wednesday night, March 21th, in order to participate in the Thursday Nanterre conference.
More detailed information will be furnished prior to the conference
We are all looking forward to welcoming you on our conferences in Lisbon and we hope that you will be able to find time to accept our warm invitation.
Best wishes,
O Coordenador do Gabinete Erasmus

(Prof. Doutor Vasco Pereira da Silva)

Gabinete Erasmus / Erasmus Office

Rosa Guerreiro

Law Faculty of Lisbon University

Código Erasmus/Erasmus Code: PLISBOA02

Alameda da Universidade
1649-014 Lisboa
email: erasmus@fd.ul.pt
telf.: (+351) 217 984 600
fax: (+351) 217 984 603

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